Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Another Tiny Cabin With A Moss Roof

Here's another cute little tiny cabin!  I think this one is almost as good as the last one since it has a small porch area, complete with seating for two! The only thing I would change is make the porch come out a little farther on one of the sides of the front door, so the two seats can be right next to each other.  But maybe an older couple lives here and they don't want to sit right next to each other! Ha!
I wonder if the mossy roof is for insulation or just for character? I also am loving the custom wood work on the front door. And the color of the stain they used on the wood, it's beautiful!
I bet this is a small vacation home, like for camping etc. I would adore this as a getaway from all of society! Vegas is another warmer option... Haha.

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