Saturday, March 7, 2020

Tasteful Cabin Sitting Room*

I really like this simple cabin room. I think that the logs are interesting with their different colors, and the tree used near the door is pretty cool too. This is probably a modern cabin purposely made to look more rustic by adding these little details into the design.

This sitting room is tastefully decorated with simple furnishings and textiles. That coffee table is pretty amazing, isn't it? It's almost like it's floating in midair, since it's sitting on thin metal legs. They are almost invisible. I really like the rug it's on too. It's a great accent for the space. Reds are a good color to use in a cabin, since it goes nicely with brown. And the green side chair is a great contrast. The lighting is also pretty great. I might add another table lamp to brighten up the room a little more. I always think that more lighting is better than not having enough. It makes a space more welcoming. These lamps are pretty fun. They definitely fit in with the cabin theme.

Cabin Themed Lamps

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