Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Simple Cabin With Deer Mount

I just thought I'd post this picture for the sheer reason because I like it.  It's not particularly outstanding or memorable, I just enjoy looking at it. My favorite things about this space are: the open floor plan, the rustic wood accent wall, and the grey toned wood paneling on the ceiling.

I like its simplicity too, and the nice clean lines of the space. It's organized, simple and roomy. My house can get so cluttered with "stuff", and I find it hard to organize things. I think this house reminds me of simpler times when life wasn't so complicated. Times when you can stop to smell the roses, instead of rushing from one place to the next. Instead of hurrying to the sporting event, you could be walking next door to have dinner with your neighbor.  I long to have a more relaxed and simple life. So, this year, as with last year, I will continue to weed out events, commitments, or plans that do not suit me. I will de-clutter my home to reflect the simplicity I desire. I will take life day by day and not worry about the next.

What will you do in 2020?

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