Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Light And Bright Cabin Chic Room*

Now, I know that these cabins made with a lighter, more bleached wood aren't for everybody, but I certainly enjoy them! This cabin has the perfect mix of both traditional wood, and the lighter more whitewashed style that I like.  It's really more of a blonde pine probably, but I like it because it makes the space look more open and bright. Plus the vaulted ceiling makes it feel larger. 

This type of design kind of reminds me of a beachy type cabin, but this one definitely looks like it's in the woods. I like the muted and monochromatic color scheme too, but with a couple pops of coral. More colors would be ideal for my liking, but this one is very subdued and unassuming. I think this room would look good with more artwork, instead of a mirror. This artwork is made of recycled barn wood and it's perfect for a space like this.

Rustic Recycled Barn Wood Mule Deer Artwork

I also like this coat rack from the same company. It's perfect for a rustic country cabin home.

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