Sunday, March 22, 2020

Cute and Hip Tiny Cabin

Wow, this is adorable! I love the light woods used in this tiny cabin home! I enjoy lighter more pale woods in a home. The darker woods just make the room feel so much smaller.
I also like how the stairs were built. I am not the most graceful person and I just know that those little ladders and steps that they put in tiny homes are an accident waiting to happen for me! The steps in this home are staggered and have large areas for your feet, so there's almost no messing up. I also like the sliding wood barn door to the bathroom. Those types of doors are super handy and don't take up a bunch of space, so they are perfect for tiny homes.

I don't think I could ever downsize enough to ever live in a tiny home, but definitely for a getaway or camping trip or something! It's fun to spend your vacations in a different type of space than you're used to. Otherwise it's just like home, and it's not really getting away from your familiar surroundings.

My idea of a perfect getaway is if there was a lazy river right outside my doorway! Ha!

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