Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Tiny Cabin Home With Logs

Tiny homes are all the rage.  They are cost effective, economical, energy efficient and practical.  Many people have downsized their homes and moved into these tiny homes, saving money all the way.  They can spend the money they saved on other things like family outings or fine dining.

Isn't this an interesting tiny house?  It's awfully small, but I suppose it's perfect for one person. Wondering where the front door is...

I bet it's like a motor home in its layout, with multi-use items such as a table that lays down into a bed, and some storage underneath the sitting areas etc. Would be fun to see the inside.
I would probably enjoy it if it was double the size! 

I've considered a tiny home, but seriously can't wrap my mind around how to downsize so much of my stuff into a tiny little home.  Where would I put all my craft stuff?

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