Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Rustic Cabin

Well, this is a real cabin, if I've ever seen one. It is quaint and has all the necessary items for country living: Guns, Deer Mounts, Oil Lantern, Fireplace, Fishing Net and many other items if you look around the room long enough.  I'd imagine that the rocking chair doesn't get much use because they're probably always out hunting or fishing.

This reminds me of my dad's old cabin. He doesn't live there anymore, but there were many fond memories there. I used to bring my littles there to spend the weekend with him out in the country. It was just about as rustic as this cabin, but a bit larger.  It had a double sleeping loft, one on each end of the cabin with a small cat walk in between. My favorite times were sitting out on the wrap around deck on his love seat rocking chair and looking at nature. Sometimes we'd see deer, sometimes moose.  I think that's why we all love cabins so much, the country living. Away from people and society, traffic and rules. Country living is so freeing and relaxing. I live in the city now, but miss my country homes. Someday I will move back out into the country again.

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