Saturday, February 1, 2020

Modern and Colorful Cabin Great Room

I am in love with this room!  I know it's probably not everybody's style, especially cabin lovers as a collective, but I love this alternative look.  I like it's brighter look and feel, and I am partial to color, so of course those painted deer mounts are my favorite thing about this room! I might choose a slightly different throw pillow and different art on that far wall, but overall it's a great space. 

I like the sectional and the soft side chair. It all goes together well.  I might choose a different coffee table, mostly because it's round and I think it throws off the overall design.  I'm guessing the designer probably chose that one on purpose because it matches the round chandelier, and and also for its round shape, which is different than all of the other angular shapes in the room. More than likely it was intentional.

I like the chandelier too, but it is a little too feminine for the space. I prefer something a little more rustic, especially to offset the femininity of the deer mounts.  That gigantic rug is also quite fabulous.  It ties in with the shapes of the rock work in the fireplace. Maybe a little too matchy matchy, but still goes well with the space.  It could have some blues in it for interest and unity, but it's a pretty great rug.

I also like the openness of the room, with high ceilings. It makes the space feel so much larger and not confined, like most cabins.  I like a lighter and brighter cabin myself.  Too much brown everywhere gets me feeling mopey and claustrophobic. 

What kind of cabin look is your favorite?  Modern, traditional, whitewashed like this one? Small or large?


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  2. Aww! Thanks! I love sharing things that inspire me!


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