Friday, February 28, 2020

Interesting Two Story Log Cabin

Isn't this fun...What a creative design. This must've been somewhat easy to build, due to the size. But cutting those sloped logs might prove to be a challenge. Any log home builders have any input on this?

I definitely like the location of this. It looks really secluded. But it's possible that there are other cabins like this, all lined up in a campground. I don't know...I'd like to think that it's a one-of-a-kind hidden gem in the woods. It could be my little escape from society. I wonder if it has plumbing or electricity. That's where my idea of rustic living takes a brief pause. I need some amenities! I doubt it's plumbed because if you look really closely, it sits off the ground on concrete pillars. I don't see any pipes for plumbing. Maybe there's a compost toilet.

I need to get away though, from time to time, and this would be the perfect place to do it!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Rustic Cabin

Well, this is a real cabin, if I've ever seen one. It is quaint and has all the necessary items for country living: Guns, Deer Mounts, Oil Lantern, Fireplace, Fishing Net and many other items if you look around the room long enough.  I'd imagine that the rocking chair doesn't get much use because they're probably always out hunting or fishing.

This reminds me of my dad's old cabin. He doesn't live there anymore, but there were many fond memories there. I used to bring my littles there to spend the weekend with him out in the country. It was just about as rustic as this cabin, but a bit larger.  It had a double sleeping loft, one on each end of the cabin with a small cat walk in between. My favorite times were sitting out on the wrap around deck on his love seat rocking chair and looking at nature. Sometimes we'd see deer, sometimes moose.  I think that's why we all love cabins so much, the country living. Away from people and society, traffic and rules. Country living is so freeing and relaxing. I live in the city now, but miss my country homes. Someday I will move back out into the country again.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Cabin Statement Wall*

I just love this statement wall. It's kind of "Cabin Chic". I like the muted colors with accents of poppy orange. It has all the essentials for a cabin home: rocking chairs, skis, snowy artwork. I enjoy this wall very much.

I also like artwork like this. It's a bit more monochromatic, but still stylish.

There's also options like this.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Country Living at its Finest!

Well, here's an interesting little cabin home.  Not traditional in any sense of the word, but definitely unique. Probably what makes it most unique is the way it's stacked on top of each other, creating a two story home that has character. The wood siding is interesting too. I don't think I've ever seen siding quite like that on a house. It looks like recycled materials. Well, good for them for using recycled things.

Oh! And it's built around a tree!! Just saw that when I was taking a closer look! It also looks like it's just off the beach, which is the perfect location for a house, in my opinion.  I wonder what ocean it's next to?

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Large A-Frame Cabin with Monochromatic Interior

Love this interior!  I always enjoy a muted color palette. Too much white is too bright, but this one adds in pops of light brown and grays.  And that wood that goes up the walls adds some contrast. I think the fireplace is great too.  It looks like natural stone. The flooring is nice because it is wood like the walls, but in a way lighter color, so it's not so heavy looking. I like dark flooring, but not if you have dark walls and or ceilings too.  Then it's just too dreary.

What do you like about this interior? Any dislikes?

Thursday, February 13, 2020

A-Frame Cabin With Hot Tub

Ooooooo, my new little happy place! Wouldn't this be a fun little retreat? A bit small for my liking, but a simple get away nonetheless. It looks small at first glance, but as I look down the outside wall, it goes back a ways. There's probably plenty of space for a kitchen and bedroom, along with a living room.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Little Hippie Cabin With Sleeping Loft

Now, this is a cute little getaway. It's a little rustic for my taste, but it would be fun for an overnight-er or something. It definitely looks handmade out of inexpensive materials, so it probably was a low cost home. I dig the lighting in the living room. Pretty cool.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Magical A-Frame Style Tree House Cabin*

Even if this picture isn't of an actual tree house, it's still cool. It looks like it's photo shopped, but the concept is still great.  Wouldn't that be an amazing place to live? Or even go on vacation?  I wonder what it looks like on the inside... I bet that bottom area would be a great place for a couple of beds.  It would be dark and secluded and out of the way from the rest of the house. 

It's hard to tell how big the actual structure is, but it looks like there's ample room inside for everything.  I like the little stove that they have in the right hand corner.  And what looks like a little lofted sitting area perfect for reading. I like the brightness of the interior too.  White can be a very useful color to use because it makes everything look roomier than it normally would with a darker color.

I guess that tree houses kinda speak to me because I like fun and whimsical types of hideaways. Something with a bird's eye view.  What do you think?  

I saw a table that would be perfect for this place. It's shaped like a tree! 

Everything ships free, so there's no added costs to worry about. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Tiny Cabin Home With Logs

Tiny homes are all the rage.  They are cost effective, economical, energy efficient and practical.  Many people have downsized their homes and moved into these tiny homes, saving money all the way.  They can spend the money they saved on other things like family outings or fine dining.

Isn't this an interesting tiny house?  It's awfully small, but I suppose it's perfect for one person. Wondering where the front door is...

I bet it's like a motor home in its layout, with multi-use items such as a table that lays down into a bed, and some storage underneath the sitting areas etc. Would be fun to see the inside.
I would probably enjoy it if it was double the size! 

I've considered a tiny home, but seriously can't wrap my mind around how to downsize so much of my stuff into a tiny little home.  Where would I put all my craft stuff?

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Modern and Colorful Cabin Great Room

I am in love with this room!  I know it's probably not everybody's style, especially cabin lovers as a collective, but I love this alternative look.  I like it's brighter look and feel, and I am partial to color, so of course those painted deer mounts are my favorite thing about this room! I might choose a slightly different throw pillow and different art on that far wall, but overall it's a great space. 

I like the sectional and the soft side chair. It all goes together well.  I might choose a different coffee table, mostly because it's round and I think it throws off the overall design.  I'm guessing the designer probably chose that one on purpose because it matches the round chandelier, and and also for its round shape, which is different than all of the other angular shapes in the room. More than likely it was intentional.

I like the chandelier too, but it is a little too feminine for the space. I prefer something a little more rustic, especially to offset the femininity of the deer mounts.  That gigantic rug is also quite fabulous.  It ties in with the shapes of the rock work in the fireplace. Maybe a little too matchy matchy, but still goes well with the space.  It could have some blues in it for interest and unity, but it's a pretty great rug.

I also like the openness of the room, with high ceilings. It makes the space feel so much larger and not confined, like most cabins.  I like a lighter and brighter cabin myself.  Too much brown everywhere gets me feeling mopey and claustrophobic. 

What kind of cabin look is your favorite?  Modern, traditional, whitewashed like this one? Small or large?

Secluded and Serene Glass Tiny House

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