Friday, November 8, 2019

Cabin Great Room with Totem Pole*

This is a pretty tastefully decorated cabin great room.  It features several basic stables of a typical cabin home, such as, a rocking chair, a leather sofa, and a fireplace.  It even has some unique accents like the wine barrel side table and life size totem pole!  Other details that make this house fit the mold of cabin design are the use of unprocessed wood beams, the southwestern patterns in the rugs and throw pillows, and a natural color palette.
When I outfit my cabin home, I look for quality items that will last. I found this handsome rocking chair online.  It's made in Montana using premium lodge pole pine and will last several generations because it's built well.

I like to find unique items at flea markets as well. Even antique stores usually have a fair amount of interesting finds.  The best items you can be lucky enough to have are family heirlooms.  These are irreplaceable and one of a kind.

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