Wednesday, October 30, 2019

White and Feminine Cabin Living Room

Here's another unique cabin design, using a monochromatic color palette, with white as its primary color.  I think the wall that the fireplace sits on is definitely one of the most unique walls I've seen in awhile.  It looks like real stone that's been covered with a thin coat of some sort of Spackle or something.  I have no idea, but I like it.  It's probably not for everybody, but I think it's different and refreshing.  I also like the furnishings used in this space.  They are soft and feminine and have a sophisticated look to them.  They almost have a hint of pink in them. 
It's also been decorated or staged in such a way to keep your eye moving from place to place around the room, by use of repeated colors, textures and shapes.   How many times do you see the color green in this room?  How about how often are plush fur items used in this room?  They did a good job keeping your eyes entertained when they designed this room.

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