Thursday, October 24, 2019

Spacious and Stylish Cabin Great Room*

I really love this cabin great room!  I give it a 10 out of 10 for design style. It has an interesting mix of fabrics, accessories and lighting options.  It is so complete and flawless in its design, that it was probably done by an interior designer.  It's just too perfect not to be...
I love all the different things going on in this room.  Your eye is constantly finding something new and interesting to look at.  I like the different textures used too, not only in the construction of the walls and fireplace, but also in the furniture and accents.
I especially enjoy the lighting in this room because there is a lot of it, which makes it more inviting.  Lighting is very important in design, arguably the most important thing.  It rates as high in importance as the layout and size of your home. There are so many options for lighting nowadays.  They have definitely gotten more creative in recent years.  I like these lamps because they're made using natural materials like real branches.

And this table lamp is so original and unique! I've never seen another one like it!

So, there are limitless options for decorating your home if you shop online.  You can find items for any style you are going for, and save a lot of time doing so.  If you're decorating your cabin, just type up "cabin decor" or if you have a beach house, try "beach decor" or "lake house decor".  They usually have a large selection of furnishings and accessories to choose from because they buy from many different suppliers so you don't have to go looking in a bunch of different places to furnish your home.

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