Friday, October 4, 2019

Cabin Statement Wall with Art*

Here is a cute little "staged" cabin room.  Even though it's just an advertisement for Hobby Lobby (I LOVE HOBBY LOBBY!!!! but am not affiliated with them in any way...), it still has some great decorating ideas. It has a great use of color, which is my favorite thing about this wall.  I like the green "fishing supplies" rack, which is the perfect shade of green in my opinion and a great place to hang your fishing items. I like the barn wood wall paneling and the ladder up against the wall. I like the red lantern on the table and matching thermos on the table. The colors were very intentional in this photo. I like the wall art too. It's very "cabiny".

Cabin art tends to be more fun and relaxed.  I found these pieces at an online store and thought they were fun.

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