Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Dark Cabin Bathroom - Love This!

I am in love with this non-traditional cabin bathroom!!! It breaks all the rules, as far as regular bathroom design goes!  Most bathrooms are bright and white, which gives a feeling of openness.  This bathroom is dark and mysterious and feels somewhat closed in and cozy.  I like how they used luxurious materials in the design.  It looks expensive.  I enjoy the tub area, with it's tile work and shelving.  It showcases the candles in a great way.  And that sink is to Die For!!!  It is so unique and interesting!  I don't think I've ever seen a tub quite like it either, with its shelving on the outside of it for towels etc.  They could even put something decorative in there, to add to the personality of the space. 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Unique and Modern Cabin Home in the Mountains

This modern cabin is cool for a few reasons.  One, it has an interesting design to it, with its high pitched roof and numerous windows. Two, it didn't demolish the landscape and wilderness in the building process, which is always a good thing.  Preserving the land around your home is important.  My third and final point is that the layout is unique.  It's not your traditional style home. I like that the materials used are varied and different colors and textures etc.  And on a side note, it also has great lighting!! 
The only thing I don't like about this home is its location, high up in the mountains, where there's lots of snow. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Cabin Great Room with Antler Chandelier

I think this is a beautiful great room. I like the mantle above the fireplace and the picture is slightly appealing.  I like the way they have the room decorated too.  That dark blue couch is interesting and unique.  I also like the leather one.  The throw pillows are pretty nice too.
I also like the lighter colored wood used in the walls instead of the traditional darker tones.  They also made sure that there was a variety of colors in their decorating, so you don't get bored.
My favorite thing about the room is the backgammon game on the large wood coffee table.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Deluxe Cabin Bathroom

I enjoy this log cabin bathroom because there is a large tub with rock work and pillars, with a fireplace right next to it to keep you warm.  Anytime a bathroom has a fireplace, I'm game.  I almost missed the beautiful stained glass windows behind the tub.  They are gorgeous.  I think that the only way this bathtub could be better is if the back of the bathtub had a fountain trickling down the rocks.  I am not sure about the light fixture hanging above the tub though.  Do you really need or want a chandelier hanging above your tub of water?  Doesn't seem too safe to me.  But anyhow, I liked this bathroom enough to post it. 

Friday, October 4, 2019

Cabin Statement Wall with Art*

Here is a cute little "staged" cabin room.  Even though it's just an advertisement for Hobby Lobby (I LOVE HOBBY LOBBY!!!! but am not affiliated with them in any way...), it still has some great decorating ideas. It has a great use of color, which is my favorite thing about this wall.  I like the green "fishing supplies" rack, which is the perfect shade of green in my opinion and a great place to hang your fishing items. I like the barn wood wall paneling and the ladder up against the wall. I like the red lantern on the table and matching thermos on the table. The colors were very intentional in this photo. I like the wall art too. It's very "cabiny".

Cabin art tends to be more fun and relaxed.  I found these pieces at an online store and thought they were fun.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Beautiful Cabin Bathroom

I love this bathroom for some reason!  Maybe it's the pale colored woods used in this space that gives it a lighter, softer feel.  Well, the lighting probably helps. Natural sunlight is a huge help in brightening up a space and can't really be replicated easily.  Any artificial light on the market is going to be slightly different than natural sunlight, but there are bulbs that claim to be more natural looking and it's probably worth the time to search these out if that is the look you are wanting to achieve.
The lighting features they used here are pretty great too.  The chandelier over the beautiful bronze tub is wonderfully accented by a couple of sconces by the windows.  The sinks have some quaint lamp style sconces as well.  The water faucet for the sink matches the tub, which is a nice touch.  It's always a subtle design choice when you can match metals throughout a room or even the whole house, but is worth the trouble because it gives the home a feeling of continuity or unity..  Like if you choose brushed nickel for all kitchen door and cabinet pulls, it can really unify the space.
Overall, I think this room was wonderfully executed in color scheme, materials used, and the rustic chic design they chose. Let me know what you think!

Dark Cabin Bathroom - Love This!

I am in love with this non-traditional cabin bathroom!!! It breaks all the rules, as far as regular bathroom design goes!  Most bathroom...