Thursday, September 26, 2019

Handsome Cabin Great Room*

Now, this place was probably professionally decorated.  I mean, come on. Everything is perfectly placed and matches the rustic cabin theme. 

The things I like: I like the use of leather in the furniture. That gives it a rich feel.  I like the log beams overhead and high vaulted ceilings.  I like the triangular shaped fireplace. It reminds me of Aztec design, or ancient times of the Pyramids. 

The things I don't like: The decorations above the fireplace are too simple, as to not draw too much attention. In fact, everything in the room is trying not to draw any attention. Everything is the same color basically, so nothing stands out, except for the fireplace maybe.  Everything in this room is subdued if you ask me. I just think it's too safe for me.  I like a room with a little risk.  More color.  Bolder design choices.  

I'd put some accents like this in there.  It offers a bit of color but still falls within the design of the space.

I like this table lamp too.  It's more Southwestern in design and a bit more colorful.

So, overall, do I like this room?  Yes, or I probably wouldn't have included it in my blog posts.  I definitely think it needs some improvements though.  Like some more interesting accents, and more color.

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