Thursday, August 29, 2019

Unique Cabin Rentals in Britain's North Cornwall Coast

This little gem is one of 4 rentals along Britain's North Cornwall Coast.  Located in an unused slate quarry, each unit overlooks beautifully landscaped scenery, some with water features.  These cabins are also called Kudhva, or wilderness cabins. 

They feature an outdoor seating area, a cushioned bench seat inside, large picture windows and a suspended sleeping loft.

They were designed in collaboration with their client Louise Middleton, and are intended to offer the public a chance at experiencing temporary small scale experimental architecture. They are the first phase of a larger design plan for the site, eventually showcasing many units for the public to enjoy.

Their site offers a shared reception building which has a canteen area, along with a bathroom including toilets and showers.  This was done in such a way to promote simple living, and encourage gathering.

They were built by a boat builder turned furniture maker Toby Sharp, along with a small team of master craftsmen.  They are made of insulated paged-pine panels, covered by an EDPM rubber membrane.

Each of these mini getaways give a unique perspective on the Cornish landscape, from their perfectly elevated position in the forest scenery.  So, if you are ever visiting the area of Cornwall Coast in North Britain, be sure to rent one of these little gems.

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