Monday, August 12, 2019

Modern Cabin Bathroom with Larch Wall Paper*

Isn't this a beautiful bathroom?  I love the use of materials here.  From the larch wall paper, to the light tan wood cabinets, to the pale grey brickwork on the opposing wall, this bathroom is simple yet elegant.  There is an eye for detail that most might overlook. Each item is well thought out and serves a purpose in the design. For example: the drawer pulls are a simple thin line and they match the lines on the upholstery and the larch wall paper.  The brown cabinets match the tile flooring.  The rustic wood used in the ceiling ties into the nature theme of the larch trees on the walls.

The only thing that I would change is that there is too much larch wall paper. I might have gone with one wall of it, but not multiple walls.  The rest of it works for me though.  I like the semi-monochromatic color scheme used. I might use a different chair next to the's somewhat out of place.  I might use more of a bench style seat in a similar color.  I saw some on this website that I like and they would go well with this space.

Hope you enjoyed this unique bathroom! 

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