Monday, July 15, 2019

Turquoise Cabin Retreat

Nothing like a little bit of turquoise to dress up a place!  This color really does liven up this space, don't you think?  Cabins tend to be a little on the dark side, with their dark wood and lack of windows, so anything you can do to brighten them up is a good thing.  Since they don't usually have a lot of windows, you need to do other things to brighten them up. With less light coming in you need to add interior lighting and implement lighter colors to balance out all the dark wood. Some people also add a light stain over the wood, such as a whitewash or lighter grey wash, which lightens up the color significantly.

Unique Cabin Great Room - Complete with Fireplace and Rock Staircase

This is an interesting room for several reasons. It has a huge central design focal point, which is a stone fireplace with an attached st...