Sunday, June 9, 2019

Rustic Cabin with Open Air Seating

Wow, this cabin has it all. It's rustic living at its finest.  It has a small kitchen flanked by a little dining area to the left, and open air seating to the right. There is some seating in what must be a living room, with what looks like glass pocket doors to the outside seating area. I don't know the location of this cabin, but if it's in a mountainous area, the outdoor seating area could only be used during the summer months, as the rest of the year it's either too cold or too much precipitation.

This cabin looks like it was made with a lot of recycled materials, but there's probably some new wood used as well.  There's an upstairs bedroom area which overlooks it all.  I wonder if the bedroom has big picture windows that overlook the forest...

I would love to live in a cabin like this one! It is perfect!  Great size, unique design and decor, nice outdoor surroundings, etc.  I really don't see anything I don't like about this cabin!!  If anyone knows the location, let me know!

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