Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Cabin Guest Room with Bunks*

Well, this is a fun way to get more beds into a space. Bunks are always a good choice if you have multiple guests on a regular basis, or for a kids room. I like these bunks because they blend in, by using matching wood that is used throughout the rest of the house.  I love the little sconce on the bottom bunk. Easy way to enjoy a good book before bedtime!

Sconces are a creative way to add unique lighting to your room. It's basically like having a lamp, but it's wired into your wall as a permanent fixture. They are helpful because they are usually to get light in a specific place, such as by your bed, or down a hallway.   Think about movie theaters, they have sconces all along their walls, which add lighting so you can see your way to your seat.

Basements are another good place for sconces, as there's usually not as much natural light. These would look great in a man cave as well!

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