Sunday, June 2, 2019

Cabin Great Room with Bull Above Fireplace

This is a handsome room!! I love vaulted ceilings! They give rooms such a different feel. They make smaller rooms feel larger every time!  This room didn't really need to feel larger, because it's big enough already, but the higher ceilings make it more grand!  And what makes it really impressive, to me, is the contrasting white walls with the rich brown beams.  I might've used a slightly more off-white curtain, to match the floor rug better, but white is okay too.

I also like the furniture choices. The brown leather couches were purposely chosen in a slightly lighter color than the brown beams. And the black pieces were chosen to because they don't draw attention, but they also match the large bull accent piece over the fireplace, creating unity. The designer of this room knows their stuff!  I would hire them!

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