Friday, May 17, 2019

Modern Home with Open Concept and Glass Walled Loft

Now, this is my kind of home!  It's modern, yet has some really cozy elements like the wood staircase and custom wood paneling on the right hand wall.  I like how everything feels so open, with the open concept floor plan.  And the loft is really open too, since glass was used to frame it in.  I'm assuming that this person lives alone, since the loft looks like it's used as a bedroom.  I would use it as an office probably, or a reading nook, since it's not really private.  

I know this doesn't really fit in the cabin type of home, but I still like it.  Cabin home styles can vary greatly, depending on the look you're going for.  Some are made all of wood, some are more modern like this one with mixed materials. There's no wrong or right way to having a retreat to call your own.  And if this home was located 15 minutes from any town or city, some might feel like it's a rustic retreat. 

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