Saturday, May 18, 2019

Kids Lofted Room*

I say kids lofted room because it looks like a kid might stay there, but it could be an adult's room as well.  Maybe it's in a tiny house, so that's the only bedroom area.  That could be the case...

Either way, what a neat sleeping area.  I like the different colored wood on the walls, and the use of branches for the ladder and railing. It definitely has a cabin-y feel to it.  I never feel like I could live in a tiny home, but I could do it for vacations and stuff.  I know my kids would love hanging out and spending the night in here.  

It looks like they have antler style door pulls on their cabinets.  With their uneven size, I would say they are probably real.  If you are wanting the same look, but don't have access to real antlers, they sell faux ones online.

Here's a picture and a link. 

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