Thursday, May 30, 2019

Cabin Great Room - With Spiral Staircase

This is a nice Great Room. The use of southwestern furnishings gives it a more casual feel and look. The rug is a bit too Asian to really go in this space with the southwest decor, but at least it's the same color scheme.  I also am not crazy about the windows overlooking the lake.  If  I lived next to a lake like that, I definitely would not have windows that obstruct or break up my view!  Yes, they are interesting windows, but I do not like them in this situation.  That lake is way too beautiful to block it.

What I liked most about this photo is the spiral staircase.  An incredible amount of time goes into spiral staircases. They are engineered and designed very specifically and carefully, which is why they are so interesting to me.  There are many different types of spiral staircases, some more ornate than others, but all are beautiful. I've never met a spiral staircase that I didn't like!

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